Thursday, 25 July 2013


Hello Time Travellers to the Retro Future! Fandomfest is here!! I'll will be posting even more bios and adventures with our Special Guest Panelists & Performers! Keep your eyes peeled!

I am excited to bring you a post of some of the music offerings at Fandomfest: Panel Discussion, Live Demos and Full on performances!!

Both Eli August and Drunk & Sailor are well loved established acts on the Steampunk Con Circuit and I am very excited to be to announce where they will be this weekend here in the Possibility City Louisville, Ky.!

Eli has a voice that takes you through the railroads of wonder whether backed by the amazing Abandoned Buildings or solo, we are excited to have him appear throughout the festival! (Specifics will be updated here and well everywhere from my on site up to hour coverage Follow me : Twitter @angelxstacy !)

MUSIC PANEL: Music In Steampunk- Eli August & Angelique X Stacy Sat 12 Noon-Jasmine Room, 2nd Floor, Rivue Tower, Galt House:

A wide variety of genres of music is encompassed under the Umbrella of Steampunk, from tradition music of the Victorian Era, Americana and even Metal and Electronica! Two such Musicians from the far reaching coasts, Eli August (Baltimore , MD) and Angelique X Stacy (originally from San Francisco, Ca and now Louisville, Ky.) will talk about the role of music in the Genre and what they bring to the popular growing Genre that is many!  Get tips on how to get booked, inspiration and networking!

Eli August will be performing throughout the Festival, please check in the Steampunk Area (2nd Floor Rivue Tower, Galt House) for up to date times to catch him!

Angelique X Stacy- “The Wazzoo Sound” will be performing at the Dark After Midnight Masquerade Ball, Fountain Room at 10:30 pm. (and doing a teaching demo SUN @ 2PM in the Jasmine Room, Galt House. ) 

Drunk & Sailor – Will be performing Sea Shanties after The Wazzoo Sound also at the Ball!

Click on our names to go to their sites to see / hear more:

Angelique X Stacy 

Hope to see you there !!

Your ever enthusiastic reporter of the possibilities,

Angelique X Stacy 

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