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FANDOMFEST STEAMPUNK PANELISTS: Greyer Jane & Papa Oloyade present Steampunk Magic & Conjure!

Here to be presented in this blog are the bios of the amazing panelists who have answered my clarion call to be involved in the Galt house’s Steampunk portion of this year’s Fandomfest!  July 26-28th 2013. I will be unrolling each profile and tentative schedule. Please check www.fandomfest.com for the most up to date info, sometimes times have to be adjusted. There will be programs and maps available at the Galt House upon your arrival. 

 I love to thanks these wonderful folks for bring their talents and coming together to teach others how to appreciate and be a part of this creative subculture that has taken popular culture by storm.

Since I am a fan of Magic of all sorts I was lucky to find other folks in the community of Kentucky that are also involved. Stay tuned for more blogs on folks you should hear about! 
These are bio's that were sent so that you can hear in there words about what they do and where they are from, so you get the flavour of the presenter:

*Greyer Jane- Steampunk Magic and Conjure (with Papa Oloyade) Sunday 3-4 PM*

Greyer Jane grew up buying occult books with her allowance money, and has been A Practicing occultist for over 20 years..
One of the Founding member of Cavern or Ancient Wisdom, an egalitarian ritual working group, and longtime Hostess of the Local Witches Meetup, she was the Creator and a writer and for the popular Blog Cabinet of Enchantments, and Currently ManifestMagick.com, is a regular contributor to Goodreads, and willing to read and discuss anything with writing that crosses her field of vision. When not writing or reading Witchy, she Moonlights in a Day job that lets her fondle books.. Her Love of Steampunk started long ago, with the Wonderful Mr Holmes, and “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”, and she admits to enjoying to dress in that fashion any chance she gets.

Papa Oloyade
Papa Oloyade commonly called Papa O has been a Spiritualist his entire life, employing a variety of divinatory tools as a psychic medium. Papa Oloyade grew up in a Polish Roman Catholic family with a lineage of funeral directors, and he was destined to be 4th in the line of taking over the family funeral home. He grew up around funerals and cemeteries and he realized from a young age that funeral homes were loud with the voices of the dead, but cemeteries were quite peaceful. From a young age his grandmother always said that he would become a priest, because of his inner spirituality and peace he could bring to other people. Papa Oloyade started out as Spiritual Counselor in NJ and NYC, and was exposed to the Conjure community in the form of Santeria. He moved south to go to college and studied Slave Culture specializing in Yoruban Diaspora; which he followed all the way through his Masters Degree. Papa O started as an academic and became a follower of the Yoruban Pantheon. He was crowned with Oya and with the heart of Elegba. He helped to introduce the Yoruban Diaspora in the Western and South Central Kentucky Region. He worked for many years as a Spiritual Counselor at Cheryl’s Little House running everything from house visits to large festivals. Papa O moved to South Central Kentucky and was one of the founding members of the Cavern of Ancient Wisdom which was a group of eclectic pagans in the Barren River Area. Papa O in South Central Kentucky and met Mama Vanetta who taught him about African American Spiritualism and allowed him to study the African American Spiritual Culture, which helped him to develop his Yoruban Practice. Papa O does daily Augury on facebook to lift people up and give words that people can live by. He also personally advises everyone from doctors and lawyers to chefs and actresses. Papa Oloyade through a life of religious evolution has found himself in the American Orisha Tradition; a tradition that encompasses a life long spiritual practice. He is published in future editions of Denise Alvarado's Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly, writing on “Ifa Love Spirits”, and “Vows of the American Rootworker”. Papa O has spoken at festivals all over Kentucky and Tennessee about 7 African Powers, Pomba Gira, and Steampunk Conjure. He writes weekly Conjure articles on Dancer's Grove, featuring his weekly Saint Sunday Blog. A well respected member of the Conjure Community, Papa Oloyade plans to be on Bayou Conjure City Radio in the upcoming year.

 We thank these fabulous Folks for joining us at Fandomfest, I can't wait for this class, with the ethos of tinkering and being a maker, it seems a logical step to learn about the ethers as well! See you there!!

May your poss'bilities be all that you dream!
Angelique X Stacy

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