Thursday, 18 July 2013


Ever wanted to know real practical magic you can use to change your fate? Combining African, Native American and European folks magic, this workshop will teach you how to change your love life for the better via something you already have in your cupboard! Use your collection of skeleton keys for more than just decoration, Lady G will show you how!
Sat. 6 pm in the Jasmine Room in the Rivue Tower of the Galt House! *(please always check the schedule here, just in case of any changes!)

 From her bio,courtesy of Lady G:

"Who is Lady G?

Lady G is an enigma to many. She has been called a walking encyclopedia of practices,
myth and magic; she counsels with the spirit/divine leading her; she is old school in her
own right but modern enough to have young people sit at her feet with questions. She
follows one path but honors all and is able to help you with your own spiritual difficulties
by meeting you where you are at whether it be Wicca, Santeria, Luciferian, Christian,
Voudan, or one of the many other alternative religions or even Hoodoo (folk magick)
Lady G is a High Priestess and is recognized as having a strong energy and carrying a
golden or sometimes a light purple aura. She has a British/Celtic heritage and was
dedicated to the Goddess at the age of six months in the forests of her Mothers coven.
She educates and tries to correct misconceptions and the fear associated with many
paths. She teaches old Wicca ( actually the religion of witchcraft); she also teaches the
Gullah Tradition of Hoodoo but is able to help with Appalachian Hoodoo and Powwow (a
Germanic form of folk magick). She hasmany different spiritual and other types of
classes offered.
Lady G is known around the community of her shop as a root worker and is trusted by
many cultures in the community with making bags, mixing herbs for spellwork; making
oil combinations (she doesn’t trust store bought.) andmaking amulets and fetishes. She
also attracts clients that need reversals of a situation and since you cannot mix apples
and oranges she will help you reverse in the same path the misfortune was sent to you.
She always works towards the light and battles all enemies and is not afraid of the dark
( although not part of her practice)
So who is Lady G…Is she one of the ancient ones? Is she someone put here to help
battle against an unknown enemy? Is she an educator to help allay the fears of those
misinformed? …she leaves it up to you to decide."

And I Angelique , your fellow Passenger of the Portal, will vouch for the effectiveness of the teachings and products of Lady G. I searched the internet and Louisville high and low for a store where I could find find herbs for my various concoctions and oils in which to anoint and scent my gris gris, mojo bags and self with.

I found in Louisville "Matrix - A Place of Change" off Broadway on 650 S. Shelby in east of Downtown in Louisville. In Lady G I found in that rarity of a person that understands needs of a Spiritual Nature. A stalwart keeper of the community, many flock to Lady G for help on their not so mundane problems. I was relieved to find an open mind and a willingness to share, a boon companion for the navigating the strange and wonderously weird place of The Possibility City, Louisville, Ky!

As ever your Cultural "Anthropologist" to the Poss'bility Portal!

Angelique X Stacy

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