Friday, 1 March 2013

Welcome to the Possibility Portal!

Where does it go?

Welcome, Welcome one and all to The Possibility Portal! Today Marks one year and one day since my family made the trek across the country from San Francisco, "Gold In Peace, Iron in War", The Golden City,  eastward bound to The Possibility City, Louisville , Kentucky! 

This is where , your hopefully humble, enthusiastic narrator makes one of the biggest changes of their lives and discovers the world beyond the city and surrounding areas of the bay and write about what is discovered there. This is the story of the Possibility City, Louisville , Kentucky. A place rich in diversity, history , a portal through which the Victorian Era lives along side the present in a kind of a retro yet futuristic feel, where you can still feel the sacred in the forest and parks and the amazing people discovered here on walk-about. 
Old homes have been saved from Urban blight to become showcases of the past where you can stay the night!

Prepare to be amazed! To have your ideas about the Midwest, Northern most Southern state, Central East Coast or whatever or however it can be described , to be challenged!

In here will be chronicled the stories that I've heard and profiles of the storytellers, fascinating local personalities,  movers, shakers and dream makers and especially the folks that "Keep Louisville Weird"; as well as the fabulous folks visiting from the surrounding areas that add to the fabric in this crazy quilt of a city.

As an enthusiast of  historical costuming and the possibilities of "what -if?", where everyday is a chance to dress up , mix technology and create your own experience, I am finding Louisville is just the place where this is not only possible but encouraged! 
Come with me on a journey , if you will where time streams crossover and the past is alive along with the present!

When we lived in San Francisco, we learned the art of time travel from the lovely folks in the Art Deco Society of California whose wonderful events and chances to celebrate the past results in fantastic forays in a time in which by fate, we never got to experience and yet with our modern thinking and connection created a time which never was! 

I have found in the last decade or so, an older aesthetic was organically evolving from the collectors of ephemera such as myself where Victorian era, Art Nouveau  expressions, along with a knack from re-purposing older objects into practical and usable art have become a movement all in its own. Folks embraced this as "Steam Punk"  and this title became the moniker to best describe what many found to be a fresh approach to what they were already doing. (or a catchy name for it at least!)
In these missives , I shall chronicle this element as a theme I have found to be naturally occurring in this area and the folks whom, whether they are aware of it, embrace the idea of old being new again!

For example, the Craft  Beer industry , having a renaissance in this area, is using the same technology that was created in the Industrial Age and not to mention the Bourbon Distilling process! Tattooists most often use the same technology in their "electric pens" that was fashioned from the same parts as Victorian door bells! 
Louisville is a Maker's city from making crafts to Maker's Mark. Technology of old is used in new ways whether you are a Seamstress crafting costumes to a Barista making a steamed expresso drink with new flavours. 

Welcome to my Louisville, The Possibility Portal, I hope you find it as fascinating and awe inspiring as I do! 
Stay tuned for interviews, more pictures and Vlogs!
and most of all Thank You for reading!

Your narrator Angelique X Stacy