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"Aloysius Fox is the chief mischief maker of the Pandora Society, a motley crew of rogues and bohemians who stage strange and beautiful events in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. This gentleman-provocateur British exile has been instigating Steampunk in the Mid-West and around the world since the year twenty o’eight starting locally with the League of Cincinnati Steampunks, and in twenty o’nine going global by founding the social media site Steampunk Empire. Fox has been spotted cropping up at many events and conventions, and some even consider him somewhat of an expert on the subject of Steampunk and histories that never were. Learn more about this ne’er-do-well chap at  "

Long ago in a time before the turn of the century, I worked reception and was a book reviewer for West Coast Newspaper in Berkeley & Emeryville, Ca. , in which I first met the affable chap Mr. Fox. 

Little could I know that the friendly swell I passed my latest music effort unto would in the future, the designer of a tool I would come to understand a community that had swelled around  the concepts and ideas that had been gestating in every tinkerer DIY enthusiasts brain , the virtual meeting place of the ether, The Steampunk Empire. 

Last year, as I was about to make the biggest move of my life across country into the great Mid-West or some say Southern unknown, I was grateful and felt I was blessed to know that there were others that were paving the way and creating great and wondrous salons where I could be invited to perform my latest project. 

We are excited to be having to Aloysius Fox at Fandomfest at The Galt House here in Louisville to present: 

What is Steampunk?
Roundtable discussions lead by Aloysius Fox, Event Coordinator of Pandora Productions Producers of Cincinnati’s Steampunk Symposium, about what makes Steampunk.


A Curiously Anachronistic History of Steampunk –   with Aloysius Fox and Friends
These days many people know what Steampunk is, but from whence did it come? Join Fox and Friends for a marvelous journey into a woefully inaccurate lesson of a history that never was.  Learn all sorts of sophistry and tall tales about the beautiful antique tomorrow, and realize that the future will never be the same again.

I have also heard the word is that Mr. Fox is known to have a hand in spontaneous Airship races ,Nerf Dueling and Men's legs contests! To those who are subject to swooning may want to loosen neck-tie cravats, find a convenient chaise lounge or carry a fan.   FYI! 

Till then,
Ever your enthusiastic Urban Cultural Anthropologist, 

Angelique X 

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